Why the Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Face Mist is the Best Skincare Product on the Market – An All Day Luscious Pick Me Up You Will Want to Bring Everywhere


The most important skincare product you need is an all in one face mist jam packed with anti-aging and ultra-hydrating goodies. Because you’ll want to bring it everywhere, like me, so of course it needs to be extra chic and pretty. This mist is also my favorite thing to gift to give someone because it’s extra luxe. As opposed to moisturizer or eye cream, a mist you can use anytime, anyplace. It’s literally liquid a lotion on the go… which is why it’s my favorite and the best skincare product out there.

My Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist is divine. It’s the most hydrating mist I have ever used. I carefully handpicked each ingredient from the best that science and nature have to offer. The packaging is luxury and chic with a rose gold spritz top I love rose gold – if you couldn’t tell) on a hand-sized glass bottle (it must be travel sized because it saves your skin when you travel) because I don’t want to spray harmful toxic plastic on my sacred skin. I formulated this face mist for two years to create this heavenly elixir to cure my dehydrated, sensitve skin. Plus, it has to have anti-aging properties because I want to reverse the hands of time while enjoying the current moment. I even created my own proprietary complex called Cannarose™ that is exclusive to the line. It hits the three-main cause of aging right off the bat: Inflammation, dehydration, and free-radical damage.

The base of the mist formulation is organic aloe, because it’s so calming for sensitive combination skin and moisturizing. It’s also jammed full of over 30 potent plant botanicals, water soluble CBD (the fastest absorbing and CBD isolate which – means the highest percentage of CBD), rose stem cell (an anti-aging miracle ingredient that increases your body’s own collagen production and fades fine lines and wrinkles), and hyaluronic acid (locks moisture deep into the skin) … to name a few.

There is no alcohol or perfume in our face mist, because those ingredients contribute to dehydrated skin and I don’t understand how companies are still making products so cheaply. The Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist uses only fruit and flower extracts like: rose, hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, orange, strawberry, cucumber, goji, watermelon… to name a few. The mist has a natural fresh smell like you just walked out into a garden. It’s light and lovely. All these ingredients also carry potent vitamins and antioxidants for your skin.

You can use my Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist as a primer, over makeup as a setting spray, or even just throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized, plump, soothed, smooth and glowing. It gives that dewy filtered look over makeup, too. It is truly the best serotonin – endorphin – hydrating – bliss pick me up I have ever experienced without running 5 miles. Not only does it make you look good, it makes you feel good too… which then makes you look even better.

Let yourself fly – Mile High Butterfly