Malea Rose Founder of Vie En Rose Featured in – Revolutionary Beauty: 7 Transformative Steps to Ageless Beauty with the Bragg Organic Healthy Lifestyle

Malea Rose and her Pomsky Monroe

by Julia Loggins, Patricia Bragg. Forward by Kenny Loggins

In the new book Revolutionary Beauty, iconic health pioneer Patricia Bragg, of Braggs Organic Foods empire, joins forces with gut health expert Julia Loggins to redefine aging and the culture of beauty.


Do you want to look and feel 20 years younger? Would you like to trade bloat and burnout, for passion and pleasure? Learn the 7 transformative steps to ageless beauty that will take you from sick and tired to wild and rewired!

THE DYNAMIC DUO—JULIA LOGGINS & PATRICIA BRAGG REDEFINE AGING & BEAUTY Purge everything you have been taught about beauty and aging. Rethink the possibilities! Recreating your body and self-image has never been so easy.

Julia Loggins and Patricia Bragg have found the fountain of youth! You can too, by simply practicing daily routines to evoke boundless energy, optimism, joy, passion, self-love, and creativity. If these qualities are distant memories of your younger self, buckle up and prepare for an inspirational and spirited ride back to the future.


What do Mae West, Kelly LeBrock, Erin Foster, Malea Rose & Liana Werner-Gray have in common? The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. Revealing narratives, as told by these beauties, plus renowned medical doctors and longevity experts, affirm Revolutionary Beauty as the world’s first do-it-yourself-beauty movement. Tap into insider beauty secrets that don’t cost a fortune!

Revolutionary Beauty features beauty as something we create from inside—when we eliminate burn-out, brain fog, fatigue, and digestive issues. This 312-page book is the perfect guide for any woman who wants to revitalize her energy, health, and happiness.