Dull and Dehydrated Skin Cure

Stress, Fatigue, and a Good Facial Mist.

Stress and fatigue of the brain is a common state for most these days- as life hasn’t been completely normal for a while – but we wear on our skin how we feel within! This is why we mist. 

A facial mist is something you can use all day every day, which is especially important with dehydrated winter skin, changes in climate from holiday travels, or too much drinking and nights out with friends. Whatever the reason – this causes our sensitive skin to become red and inflamed, we can develop breakouts, and our skin needs 24- hour hydration throughout the day – because we’re on the go.

This is where the stress and fatigue come in – not only our mind and body experience that, but so does our skin. Due to change in climate, free-radical or environmental stressors, or literally our life stressing us out can cause our skin to look dull and lackluster. A good mist should be able to be used on bare skin as a makeup primer or just your 1st step to your routine to instantly fill your skin with hydrating goodies and CBD. You should also be able to use over makeup as a setting spray – to create that perfectly dewy, makeup artist, Instagram filtered glow. 

To brighten up your skin from within – we highly suggest using a face mist with CBD in it. It absorbs quickly, it calms, hydrates, fights inflammation, clears up breakouts fast, and is anti-aging. It is the best kept secret… or at least it was. 

We spray it on our face when we first wake up, after we wash our face pre-serum, keep it in our purse on the go (because it’s travel sized and the perfect travel and beach accessory), and always spritz before we go to bed. The CBD also helps relax your mind and clear your head. We love merging beauty and wellness into one perfect skincare product.

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