CBD – The Anti-Inflammation Super Skincare Ingredient and Acne fighter

The best skin care ingredient for acne prone skin, to while restoring balance, while locking in hydration, and not blocking your pores is CBD. If you keep trying new products and they continue to leave your face dry and irritable – it’s time to start getting smart about your skin and what is causing inflammation and blemishes. This is why we love CBD in our skincare routine, it soothes irritation and inflammation causing breakouts, while jam packing your skin full of potent hydration. It’s hard to find ultra-hydrating products and ingredients that don’t cause extra oil production or that don’t clog your pores. It’s hard to find skincare products that work for all skin types, period.

CBD is good for all skin types – dry, sensitive, acne prone, and aging. It is a natural super plant for your face. We love Broad Spectrum hemp because you get all of the benefits of the entire plant, giving your body the full “entourage effect” and utilizing the entire plants holistic and wellness properties, with zero THC.

We highly recommend introducing CBD into your daily beauty regimen. An easy way to incorporate CBD into your routine is with our Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist. The mist can be used as a toner right after you cleanse your face for instant hydration and anti-inflammation, throughout the day – especially now when you need to combat the dreaded “maskne” from wearing masks all day – all day any time any place, on top or makeup like a setting spray, or on bare skin to prep as a primer. It’s the ultimate glowing, calm, soothed, skin companion for all skin types. 

The best CBD skin care products for acne are made with natural ingredients that help keep the skin balanced and hydrated without causing breakouts. If you’re interested in using CBD skin care products to help balance oil production, fight bacteria that cause infections, or soothe inflammation, it’s important to know that product quality can have a significant impact on your skin, which is why Vie En Rose formulated our products for two years, because we want to bring you ultra-clean beauty, perfection.

How does it work? When applied topically, cannabinoids from CBD-infused skin products penetrate the outermost layer of the skin. Once absorbed, CBD interacts with important receptors found in almost every type of skin cell, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors in the skin. Although we do not yet know everything there is to know about the ECS function; current research suggests the following benefits for skin prone to blemishes.

Oily skin tends to glow a few hours after cleansing, a sign that the skin is producing more fat than it needs to protect its barrier function and remove cell debris from the pore liner. But the use of skin care products formulated to remove excess oil can trigger a cascade of events that increases the amount of oil deposited on the surface. Researchers believe that CBD helps restore balance (homeostasis) by interacting with sebocytes, the specialized cells in the hair follicles responsible for oil production.

Excess oil production is relatively harmless on its own. However, the oil on the surface of the skin can bind with cosmetics, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells. If the mixture of oil and debris builds up in the pores, bacteria trapped under the obstruction can trigger an inflammatory response that can cause painful, pus-filled bumps. The resulting infection can spread to neighboring pores. According to what research shows so far, CBD helps to soothe inflammation that promotes blemishes through various molecular channels.

The surface of your skin has a population of microorganisms as unique as your fingerprints. Some are useful; others are not. The inflammatory reaction of the skin responsible for acne-related blows and blemishes is often caused by a specific type of bacteria called cutibacterium acnes (C. acnes). Although the presence of C. acnes alone is not enough to cause outbreaks, current research shows that many people living with acne tend to have higher levels of certain subtypes. Based on information obtained from laboratory results and clinical trials, the antimicrobial properties of CBD are effective against C.

Our products are made without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Instead, we have meticulously handpicked some of the best natural and organic skincare ingredients and extracts that nature offers, and mixed it with scientific-result driven ingredients for the perfect synergy of science and nature that will give you fast results. We use hyaluronic acid, rose stem cell, coconut water, rose water, pure rose oil, over thirty potent botanicals, flowers, watermelon, cucumber, sea buckthorn, rosehip, squalene, vitamin E, vitamin C. Our products not only make you glow, but they boost your collagen production in aging skin.

It’s time to pamper your skin and get rid of unwanted, frustrating skin issues, especially ones called by inflammation.