About Us

Bask in the multi-sensory experience of Vie En Rose, a luxury skincare line that inspires your skincare routine, mind, body and soul


Beauty in Full Bloom

Vie En Rose is to see life through rose-colored glasses and to always look for the beauty within all things. We believe that you can feel that way about your skin and see it at its full potential no matter where you're at in life. Made with CBD, clean and high-performance ingredients, Vie En Rose luxury skincare delivers the very best science and nature have to offer to help your skin bloom into all that it's meant to be. Our custom products are made to nurture and replenish all skin types to glow from the inside out. Vie En Rose helps you to radiate with peace and confidence that your beauty is more than skin deep for a total mind, body, and soul experience.

The Sanctity of Pure

We believe your skin is as sacred as the world we live in, and we honor that by developing our products with the utmost purity, responsibility, and drive to go above and beyond the highest industry standards. With sustainable sourcing and conscientious product development, clean doesn't even begin to describe our commitment to you, your skin, and the environment.

Meet Our Founder

As an actress, writer, and former competitive surfer from the North Shore of Kauai, Malea Rose has always known the importance of taking care of your skin, mind, body, and soul. As a kid, her mother began an organic food co-op and taught Malea the power of homemade and holistic personal care products. From a young age, Malea learned how to create organic potions and elixirs that included CBD to take care of her skin. After moving to Los Angeles, the pollution, long hours on set, traveling, and different climates started to stress her skin out in new ways daily. She began to have some all-out battles with her skin and skincare from allergic reactions and dryness, to sensitivity and pigmentation. As a die-hard product junkie, she tried everything to get her skin back on track, but it seemed like it was all just making it worse. It was time to go back to her roots and return to what her mother had taught her and bring science-backed results with her. After two years of meticulous research and countless formulations, Malea discovered the most-effective combinations of CBD, plant extracts, super-charged ingredients, and the highest-quality carrier oils. She had created Vie En Rose, a line of versatile products that worked with every skin type, lifestyle, and age, no matter the climate or situation.

A Note From Malea

There is nothing more important than feeling good about yourself, and that's what Vie En Rose is, "to live life through rose-colored glasses," which I try to do every day and why I began developing my products. As someone who's had a lot of allergic reactions from most skincare and dealt with significant skin issues over the years, I knew that there was a way to formulate incredible products to find exactly what I was looking for—the skin of my dreams. I've been using my own products for the past few years, and I'm hooked! My skin has never felt better, and I've never felt better in it! From the moment I started using Vie En Rose, my skin was instantly hydrated, soothed, and relieved. My redness and bumps immediately disappeared, and my struggles with ultra-dry skin were over! It was like the clouds had lifted, and I fell back in love with my skin. These products are perfection, and I am so excited to be able to finally share Vie En Rose with you.