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Reveal a radiant complexion with Hydrating Toning Mist from Vie en Rose Skin Care. A must for dehydrated, young or mature skin, this nourishing formula effectively hydrates and tones skin.

Scientific formulated with the Proprietary Complex Canacell™ and infused with Rose, Glacier and Coconut water for 24 hours of deep hydration for thirsty skin.

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Reveal a radiant complexion with this hydrating toning mist from Vie En Rose. This is a must-have product for the girl (or guy) on the go. This fabulous uplifting and hydrating product is an instant hydration pick me up. It not only levels the PH of your skin but instantly refreshes, soothes, calms, moisturizes, balances, and is an amazing anti-inflammatory for your skin.

Infused with Canacell Complex, Rose Water, Coconut Water, Swiss Glacier Water, and Hyaluronic/Hyaluspheres; this spray quenches thirsty skin for 24 hours of deep hydration.

Yes, it can be used as a toner, it is a toner, and it’s a fabulous toner… but this mist can also go anywhere in the world with you.

We can assure you this will become your most loyal, loving, peaceful, calm, pleasant, value-adding- travel companion, We should probably just go ahead and get this mist its own passport. That’s why we are calling it The Mile High Mist.

We at Vie En Rose spritz it on our face all day and night. We love this product not only for what it does for our face and body but mfor our mind too. What most people don’t know is that our bodies make up our own CBD-type chemical called Anandamine, which is referred to as the Bliss Molecule. (Think runners high, or natural endorphins.) CBD naturally elevates the levels of your own Endocannabinoid, increasing your body’s natural bliss chemical receptors and also reducing inflammation inside your body. So yes, this product not only makes you glow and hydrates you but it also elevates you too, bringing you to a calm, happy, blissfulstate of mind. The Mile High Mist is excellent and recommended for all skin types.

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