Meet Our Founder

Malea Rose is an actress, model, writer, and former competitive surfer from the North Shore of Kauai. As a child, her mother began an organic food co-op and taught Malea the power of homemade personal care products. From a young age, she learned how to create organic potions and elixirs to take care of her skin. After moving to Los Angeles, her skin started behaving differently. With the pollution, long hours on set, traveling, different climates, and a fluctuating diet, her skin started acting out in new ways daily. “My medicine cabinet was packed because I never had the same skin day twice.” She tried everything to get her skin back on track, but it seemed like it was all just making it worse. “I’ll admit, my confidence was down. Sure, makeup could cover my redness but not the texture. I was struggling with it.” It was time to go back to her roots and return to what her mother had taught her.

“I knew that to reverse the signs of aging and to prevent premature aging, I needed the best of my mom’s teachings and science to make a real difference.” That’s when Malea started meticulously researching high-performance and natural ingredients and discovered the best combinations for treating her skin’s various issues. For her, it was a no-brainer to include CBD for Ms. Rose. In the past, CBD had a negative stigma surrounding it. Still, Malea knew a lot about using CBD and considered is a holistic healing ingredient from the days making wellness treatments with her mom. “I knew it would address my concerns and that it was a revolutionary for reversing the main causes of aging (free radical damage, dehydration, and inflammation). With the rest of the world coming around to medicinal effects of CBD, Malea was free to work with it in her new skincare routine, “Almost immediately after adding CBD to my homemade regimen, my skin felt instantly hydrated, soothed and relieved. My redness and bumps immediately disappeared, and my struggles with ultra-dry skin were over! It was like the clouds had lifted, and I started falling back in love with my skin. That’s when Vie En Rose was born.”

Malea wanted to prevent others from having to go through the same trial-and-error and give people one less thing to worry about in their lives. “Since I had so many concerns with new places and wearing film makeup for hours on end, I knew that I wanted to create a line for everyone that would be able to address any curve-ball life could throw at them without having to compromise good skin.” She decided to create a versatile line of products that worked with every skin type, lifestyle, and age, no matter the climate.

“I am beyond excited at how many people are realizing the radical changes CBD can make on the body, mind, and so that I can finally share Vie En Rose with you.”